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The Balancing Act’s Associate Producer Helps Viewers Find Balance
Gregory Fake of The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television works to provide informative content to viewers.
The Balancing Act's Gregory Fake Seeks Content Partners for Popular Road Tour on Lifetime
Producer Gregory Fake searches for experts and businesses to appear on popular TV show.
The Balancing Act's Gregory Fake Seeks Content Partners for Popular Road Tour on Lifetime
Miami, FL (1888PressRelease) December 25, 2012 - Gregory Fake, associate producer for Lifetime TV's The Balancing Act, is looking for content partners to help with the show's popular Road Tour.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gregory Fake Welcomes Mid-South Transplant to The Balancing Act

Gregory Fake, associate producer for The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television, recently announced a very special segment coming up for the popular program. Gregory Fake also serves as the show’s guest coordinator, setting up events and putting together schedules and timetables. In these roles, Gregory Fake has scheduled a segment with the show’s traveling hosts and Mid-South Transplant, an organ donor foundation in Cordova, TN. Mid-South Transplant’s mission is to raise awareness of organ donation, and they have attained the #1 status in organ donation rates among African-Americans.

According to Gregory Fake, Mid-South does outreach in schools and with pastors and churches; he notes that one organ donor can actually save up to eight lives, and can serve as tissue donor for as many as 50 people. “A big part of what Mid-South does involves compliance and stringent standards of ethics and performance in their dealings with donor hospitals and donor families,” says Gregory Fake. “They are intent on educating both the profession and the public on what can be gained by organ and tissue donation. For instance, a transplantation of a pancreas cures diabetes, which is so important considering the epidemic of diabetes in American adults.” Mid-South works hand-in-hand with the National Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (UNOS), working together on policies, clinical studies and projects that are aimed at fair and equitable access to an organ bank, with organs coming from donors and destined for transplantation.

Gregory Fake is also working to facilitate an on-air encounter with a recipient and/or the family of a donor for the show’s episode. Mid-South has found that meetings between donor’s family members and recipients often end in new friendships and emotional bonds. “This is the kind of thing that really makes my job as coordinator worthwhile; this is a real payoff,” adds Gregory Fake. “In one instance the family of a two year old that died was able to meet the young child and family that their child saved. It can be truly wonderful for a family to know that even in the moment of loss, their loved one saved a life–that their death was truly not in vain.”

With “The Balancing Act” and assistance from Gregory Fake, Mid-South Transplants should be able to spread the word and enhance awareness far beyond Tennessee, reaching a nationwide audience through television. Hosts Danielle Knox and Kristy Vila, says Gregory Fake, are both looking forward to what should be a moving, powerful visit with the team at Mid-South Transplant.

Gregory Fake is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Georgetown Law. Prior to his coming on board at The Balancing Act, Gregory Fake served as an attorney for the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and with the law firm Rogers and Wells. Gregory Fake ’s resume also includes three years with Andersen Consulting.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

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